Failure to Yield Accidents

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Negligent drivers put everyone who shares the road with them at risk. Many drivers today don’t understand the basics of safe driving, including the legal requirement to yield to other drivers. Unfortunately, this produces a number of serious auto accidents throughout Orange County each year.

​​Unlike most car accidents where the accident victim is the one who was hit, a failure to yield collision is usually the other way around. When one driver fails to yield to someone who has the right of way, that driver may have no choice but to unavoidably collide with the vehicle that failed to yield. This can complicate a car accident claim, especially when the insurance company tries to apportion blame.

If you or someone you love has been hurt by a negligent driver, it is your right to seek damages for the financial and emotional losses that you have experienced as a result, and Cohn & Swartzon can help. This could include compensation for your medical treatment, lost income, and physical pain and suffering.

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