Car Accident FAQ

If you have been involved in an accident, you probably have questions. If you don’t see the answers you need here, please call our office.

Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals involved in a car accident may have many questions in the aftermath. While every situation is unique, some of these questions may come up in a variety of circumstances.

To get the clearest picture of your specific situation, we recommend discussing the incident with a skilled car accident attorney. Cohn & Swartzon offers free consultations to answer questions and help you understand your legal options for filing a claim and recovering compensation.

Call the police. Even if the damage appears minor, you need to obtain a police report. Police reports can indicate who the officer felt was at fault, and this can play a vital role in your injury claim. Insist that the police be called and always wait for them to arrive. This is essential for protecting your rights.


After calling the police, seek medical attention. At any sign of pain or injury, you must get it checked out by a qualified physician. This will help you on the road to a full recovery, and it will help you and your attorney determine the full amount of compensation to file for.

It is a serious criminal offense to leave the scene of a traffic accident without lending aid to individuals in need. If you are the victim of a hit and run, stay calm and remain focused. Take in as much information as possible and retain as many details about the situation as you can.


Consider the following factors, and then contact the police:


  • Was a man or woman driving the vehicle?
  • Can you identify the car's license plate number?
  • What was the color, make, and model of the car?
  • Were any witnesses present to see the accident?
  • What kind of compensation am I eligible to receive?


Usually, accident victims may receive compensation for:


  • Costs of medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Loss of wages in the present and future from work disability
  • Loss of ability to earn a wage or seek gainful employment
  • Damages to property and out-of-pocket expenses


As a general rule, injury claims are able to compensate for any and all losses and expenses incurred in an accident caused by a negligent individual. However, every accident is a unique situation. You should not assume what you are entitled to, and you should not file a claim without reviewing your case with an attorney who can help you protect your entitlements.

Economic and noneconomic damages are two separate categories of financial compensation in an injury claim. Economic damages deal with injuries and property damage. Noneconomic damages, also known as punitive damages, deal with secondary effects, such as pain and suffering.


Economic damages include:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Damage to car and property
  • Out-of-pocket expenses


Noneconomic damages include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental pain/anguish
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of consortium

Several parties may be responsible, such as:

  • The negligent driver that caused the accident
  • The insurance company who covers the damage
  • The car manufacturer of a defective or faulty part
  • A third party that contributed to the circumstances


Establishing negligence is one of the most important aspects of an injury claim. If another driver's reckless or careless behavior caused the accident, they may be held responsible for your compensation. Negligence is a vital element of figuring out how to proceed in a personal injury claim.

A skilled accident attorney can do the following:

  • Help you assess the cost of your injuries and damages
  • Assist you in identifying who is at fault in the accident
  • Determine an effective course of action to claim compensation
  • Protect your rights and entitlements throughout the legal process


A legal professional can guide you through the legal procedures and help you ensure that you make a strong claim for financial compensation that not only offers a strong chance of success but also awards the amount of compensation you deserve and will need to make a full recovery.

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