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Can Pregnant Women Wear Seatbelts Safely?

Can Pregnant Women Wear Seatbelts Safely?

Have you heard the myth that it is unsafe for pregnant women to wear seatbelts because it will endanger their unborn children? You should know that it is nothing more than that: a myth. It is not true.

Pregnant women must wear their seatbelts while in a moving vehicle to be as safe as possible.

If wearing a seatbelt is so crucial to a mother’s protection and that of her unborn child, how could this myth even begin? It probably originates from the fact that pregnant women should use specific types of seatbelts and wear them in a specific way, or else they could potentially endanger their unborn child.

How to Safely Wear a Seatbelt While Pregnant

Pregnant women should only wear a three-point restraint seatbelt, or one that goes over the lap and diagonally across the shoulder. The lap strap must be snug on the hips and never be placed over the stomach. Any extra layers of clothing – such as a thick coat – should be removed if it makes the belt less snug or shifts it around while the car is in motion.

The shoulder strap of the three-point seatbelt system should rest between the pregnant mother’s breasts and slightly to the side of her belly. Placing it directly across the stomach could be problematic in a crash. It should not be under an arm, behind the back, or over the neck.

A pregnant woman who is driving should also scoot the seat back as far away from the steering wheel as possible without making it dangerous to drive. The steering wheel should also be tilted upwards as much as is comfortable. In the event of a crash, the airbag should then deploy away from the stomach and towards the chest and face instead.

Lastly, when given the choice, a pregnant woman should always sit in the backseat. Passengers on the left side of automobiles historically suffer less injury than any other passengers caught in a car accident. The backseat should not be prioritized, however, if it does not have a three-point seatbelt system.

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