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With the seemingly endless amount of chemicals introduced to the market on a daily basis, toxic exposure is becoming a common problem in California. At the workplace, we trust that our health and safety is being protected by the responsible parties, like our employers. Tragically, our firm has seen many individuals suffering terrible illnesses, conditions or death due to toxic exposure from the workplace.

If you have been exposed to chemicals at work and are now suffering, please do not hesitate to speak with an Orange County injury attorney from Cohn & Swartzon, P.C.

Determining Liability for Toxic Exposure in the Workplace

If you or a loved one has been exposed to injurious chemicals in the workplace, it is in your best interests to speak with an Orange County injury lawyer that has an extensive background in workplace accidents, including chemical and toxic exposure. When negligent business owners and employers decide to use toxic cleaning solvent, lubricants, degreasers, dyes, or paint removers when safer alternatives may be available, they can be held liable for the injury of their employees.

Many individuals that were exposed to asbestos through the workplace decades ago are now suffering from mesothelioma. This horrible disease is brought about solely through asbestos exposure. Although there is no amount of money that can make up for losing your loved one or the tragedy of a serious or fatal illness or condition, we have helped many families recover financially from workplace accidents with the finances available to move forward, and to seek the best treatments available.

Seeking Compensation for a Chemical Burn

Chemical burns can occur when in the workplace when workers are exposed to corrosive substances such as acids, solvents, bases and oxidizers. Chemical burns are one of the most painful types of injuries that exist. When serious damage has been done to the skin, the victim may then have to undergo endless surgeries and grafts in an effort to repair the damage.

If you believe that you may be suffering from a chemical burn due to the negligence of an employer, business owner or defective product, it is important for you to contact an attorney today. In many cases, the damage from chemical burns may not fully manifest for some time. It is important to seek immediate medical care if you believe you're suffering from a chemical burn or exposure.

Some of the most common symptoms of chemical burns include:

  • Severe pain
  • Rashes
  • Blisters
  • Blue or red areas of skin

The financial and emotional burdens that can accompany serious workplace injuries can include hospital bills, physical therapy, lost wages, and a loss of earning capability. Worker's compensation is often not enough coverage to pay for the actual costs that you may incur for your injury.

More than $50 Million Recovered for Past Clients

At Cohn & Swartzon, P.C. we have recovered over $50 million for our clients in verdicts and settlements. As a result of 40 years combined legal experience, we have been able to successfully fight on behalf of our clients and provide with the justice they are seeking in all matters pertaining to workplace injuries, including cases of toxic exposure. If a negligent employer or business owner has allowed you to be exposed to toxic, injurious chemical in Orange County, they must be held accountable.

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